Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Recycled Project - Doggy Bed

This one is brought to you courtesy of the hubby. At least the idea is all his. (so was getting the dog)


Not quite sure if you can see it well in either picture and I completely forgot to take pics as he was creating it.

The girls have all grown out of their toddler beds and we don't know anyone who needs one yet. Therefore, we have two fabulous toddler beds waiting for a good use (yes, he is actually holding on to them and not me). The hubby would like to use one for the dog as a bed instead of the large not so beautiful couch that he now sleeps on.

The hubby was afraid that the dog might get injured from the springs in the toddler mattress. We cleaned out the storage room (and refilled it again *sigh*) and found extra carpet cushion. A lot of it actually and some of it was come pretty cool colors. The hubby wanted to do something for the girls with it but couldn't imagine what it would be (those of you who know him should be amazed right now). After that moment passed he thought about making a dog bed out of it. Which evolved into just using it to cushion the worrisome mattress.

I got my sewing machine up and running again (yeah! and it only took a half hour). The hubby trimmed the quilt I had bought for the dog and sewed two of the three sides on the machine. He hand stitched the last side; this way we can pull out the couple stitches to toss it into the machine and then stitch it back together.

The girls love it. The dog loves it. And the hubby is starting to understand the joy I get out of my recycling projects.