Monday, December 5, 2011

Meet Me Monday - St Nick Comes Tonight

Truth About Santa Claus by James Giblin

Love this book. Spent all morning trying to remember the actual title. Which meant looking through my notes (not there or there or there) and then going to the library website (non-fiction Christmas) and then I popped over to Amazon to see if they carried it and had a picture of the book cover (no luck). I have requested it from the library and will scan the cover once it's in my possession.

I found this book two years ago while searching for a good book to explain to my hubby why I celebrate St Nicholas and Santa Claus. I celebrate St Nicholas because he was a real man who lived his life to help those in need. If we had more people in this world like him, we would be getting better instead of worse. I understand that Santa is the embodiment of St Nicholas placed on Christmas for those who don't want to celebrate the birth of Christ. I wanted to celebrate St Nicholas and then have limited presents on Christmas day to celebrate the gifts given to Jesus for his birth. The hubby didn't follow my thinking and with how shy my girls are, placing them out there with no Santa like most of the population just seemed cruel to me.

I found this book and read it for myself and then shared it with my girls. I think I've tried telling 5 people about this book so far this year and decided that I just needed to post about it and then I could share it with everyone. I really enjoyed how the author shared the facts as well as the legends that have grown over the years.

Tonight St Nicholas comes to all the houses and fills the stockings with goodies. This year I had the girls write their letters to Santa and place them in their stockings for St Nicholas to collect. The hubby had to speak up and wonder how St Nicholas would get the letters to Santa..."by email" was his response. Grrrr....why can't he just understand and not cause issues?

So the stockings are hung by the bar with care...but the fireplace isn't finished yet. (Put that on my list of things I need to share...hubby's handiwork.)

Not sure what St Nicholas will leave this year. I got some movies that the girls have been talking about and I got some juicy oranges. Gotta go dig through my bins to see what else little I have for them.

Praying that St Nicholas brings you the answers to your greatest need this holiday and that your stocking is overflowing.

Do you celebrate St Nicholas or Santa Claus or both?