Monday, November 28, 2011

Meet Me Monday

Aha! It only took me until noon to figure out what I wanted to write about today. I haven't spent the day doing nothing but thinking of course. I have my dishes done, a load of laundry finished, got the monkey circus up, fed, dressed and off to school. I also did some recycling crafts with Violet (which I will show later this week.) All of this leads me to the topic of today.

This Sunday in church (I love getting inspired in church) I realized that I need to work on me. I have a blessed life and if I don't start something, something will be started for me. I realized that as much as I enjoy being me, I need to work on making me stronger and more valuable. Especially since a year and a half from now, the hubby is going to insist that I go get a job.'ll be 7 years this February since I had a "real" job.

So, I got to thinking...what small steps can I do every day to improve the world around me, as well as myself?

Everyday I need to...

  • create something
  • teach something
  • learn something
  • eat and drink something
  • sleep
  • clean something
  • write something
  • take time to just be
  • pay something forward
Of course, there is always loving and taking care of my family and the dog. I figure if I can check off all of those things every day, that I am on my way to doing something great. 

What are you doing daily to better yourself or the world around you?