Monday, October 10, 2011

Where the hubby goes every day.

Today is flowing nicely (yeah!) So, I thought I would share our adventure to go and see where Daddy works this weekend. Short background on hubby's work history. In high school after a bout at McDonald's and Fleet Farm, he started welding because he found that he was really good at it. After he graduated he would build houses with his grandpa during the warm months and weld in a factory when it got cold out. When he got tired of doing this, he joined the Marine Corp. Coming out of the Marines, he went into insurance. I'm not quite sure how that sentence really goes together but that's what happened. We got married and moved to Colorado where he went back into construction. He did some remodels and then went on to building storage sheds. When we realized that we were going to move back to Wisconsin, he started applying to good companies that he knew of here in northern Wisconsin. Merrill Iron & Steel was the winner. Back to welding he went. He got the itch to do some traveling and tried a couple other welding companies that offered travel. Realized that he missed us too much that he came back to Merrill to run a service department here in town. That job just about killed him so he went back to Merrill Iron & Steel. The working conditions are a lot better than when he worked there last time and they recognize his skill and keep him busy on challenging projects.

The hubby wanted the girls to have some idea of what he does every day. He asked the owner of the company if we could come in Saturday after everyone left and just see what it looks like. We got the ok and got to see some monster machines.

 We started the adventure by saying good bye to the Dragon and being superheroes in the back of the truck.
 The outside crane on our way into our adventure.
 Daddy showing them all how to punch into work every day. They are all in their galoshes to help protect their feet.
 Crazy large chain. That's the five-year-old in the corner of the picture. It's to move the metal around the shop.
 Close look at welds on a frame.
 Not sure what this is. But it's cool looking and they built it there.
 My favorite! There was one beam of sunshine coming into this area of the building and they asked ever so politely if they could go and stand in it.
 Daddy putting on his gear that he must wear every day at work.

 Daddy showing them where he was working that day. This is a shot from my height looking up if that gives you any idea of how big this box was.
 Explaining how a welder works.

 Wearing the helmet.
 "Daddy, why is the floor so messy?" Wanted to laugh out loud because of how they keep their things not picked up.
 This is also another awesome pic. Should have stepped back one more step because this is a box. They asked if they could step in the box.
 Scraps from the machines.

 Hugging Daddy good-bye. He needed to go and shower and we needed to go birthday shopping.

Another one of my favorites. The girls had a great time and I think that he felt good being able to show the girls that he makes something great and lasting in this world. He's making a difference in the life of so many people just by doing what he's good at and doing it to the best of his abilities.

Thank you Merrill Iron & Steel for allowing us to tour your facility.