Saturday, October 15, 2011

Our new set of wheels.

We love Brickner's Park City. These two beautiful cars behind our crazy kids who were freezing in the wind. The new car and the old car are the same color. The kids have decided to call the new minivan "Autobot" because the 300 has transformed into the minivan. The girls all loved their first ride in the new car (even it being a 3 hour drive).

During our long drive I noticed many things that I am going to miss from that fancy 300. The autotint rearview mirror with the integrated Blutooth. The heated leather seats. The automatic headlights (remembering to flip that switch now).

The upside is that no one has to sit next to each other. This fact makes it a much better drive for all of us. They were actually helpful to each other on the drive.

We'll see how the hubby likes it when he gets to take it every day to work. He told me that the favorite part of his last day with the car was taking it sideways onto the highway on the way home. Hope this new change doesn't change his attitude any.  Will keep you posted.