Monday, October 3, 2011

My typical day

Love this picture. This is how I feel at the end of some days. Hands full with three babies and all of their accessories. Exhausted to the point that I just want to stare at the wall and be.

My day begins at 330am when the alarm goes off. So far, the hubby and I can snuggle for the next 5 to 10 minutes until we have to get out of bed. Once the snow falls, he has threatened to wake up earlier. 

I grab my warm socks and my bag from beside my bed and head downstairs to take the dog out. Always an adventure. Depending on who's visited our yard in the night or which way the wind is blowing will determine how fast we are out and back in.

Start a pot of coffee and get on the dishes. Hubby is downstairs by this time and we get to spend some uninterrupted time together. Even if we don't talk, just being in the same quiet room awake is good enough.

Hubby is out the door by 415am. I finish up the dishes and get until 630am to choose something that is all me. I usually start with boosting on the computer to see what happened since I last signed on. Sometimes I watch a movie. I tried doing my Bible study but I just can't think deep enough to answer the questions that I would like.

I get the table ready for breakfast with bowls, spoons, cereal, and Violet's allergy medicine. The upstairs to sing the girls awake and pull them out of bed.

Downstairs and at the table by 700am or they don't get enough time to eat and chatter.

I pack their lunches or convince them that they will enjoy hot lunch at school. I make sure they have everything in their backpacks and that they are all dressed for the weather. Otherwise, I shuffle them upstairs to get pants or socks.

720am is the bathroom and teeth bell. They get 10 minutes to get all three girls in and out of the bathroom. Amazed when the bell rings at 730am for shoes-coat-hat that some of them aren't done in the bathroom yet.

Next most important bell is 740am. That one tells us that if we are not out of the yard yet, we are going to have to hussle to get to school before the start bell rings.

Walk Hazel to her classroom to empty her backpack. Walk Amber to her classroom to empty her backpack. And then Violet and I head home. Of course, while we're at school we get to see all of our friends and have odd conversations. The janitor has been on a mission to make friends with Violet since we started going to the school. He stops and smiles, greets her and shakes her hand. It's very sweet. On the days we miss him, she notices and mentions it.

From when we get home until lunch are free time. We can do chores, art projects, writing, coloring, watch a movie, or go to our "classes" that happen during the week. We have storytime at the library and a MOMS Bible study, and soon we'll be going back to school to help out in Kindergarten. 

We have some lunch and have interesting conversations. Then Violet chooses 3 books or we just started a chapter book and we snuggle up on the couch together and read. "When the big hand is straight up, we need to close our eyes." If we luck out, it's 100pm. Sometimes it's 200pm. Then it's naptime. Or just close our eyes for a few moments and rest. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Bell rings at 225pm to start getting everything ready to leave the house and gather the circus. Now I get pulled to school by Scooby and get to hold him down while all the kids wind him up. He is such a big puppy and all he wants to do is lick and play. Only an 80 pound dog that can look you in the eye on his hind legs is a little intimidating to play with.

On the way home the answer the major questions while I get pulled back home by the dog. "How was lunch and how much of it did you eat?" "What did you have for snack?" "Who did you play with at recess and what did you play?" "What was your favorite part of the day?"

They get a half hour to play outside. I sometimes stretch it to an hour if they are willing to do their homework while they are running around and playing. The dog chases a rock. I go through their backpacks and get some reading done while they play.

400pm the bell rings to get dinner ready. It goes off that early in case I have forgotten to plan for dinner and I need to cook frozen meat. The hubby gets home shortly after that and then we sit down for dinner at about 500pm.

After dinner is one of our many events of the week or just snuggle time. Still looking for the right night to fit in game night instead of it just being a random thing. Hubby teaches Aqua Kickboxing one night a week. The girls have youth group one night a week. Grandma comes over so the hubby and I can have date night once a week.

730pm up to bed for steps and stories. Each girl gets to choose one picture storybook. We do a nightly devotional. Say prayers. Then kisses and mom reads "close your eye" stories. This is a chapter book that has caught my fancy that I think they will enjoy. I read until they or I fall asleep and then it's off to bed.

Sleep until morning unless the dog barks, the hubby snores, the kids have nightmares, or the neighbors are loud (which thankfully doesn't happen all that much anymore).

Now that I have typed that all out....I am busy during the day.
Is your day as crazy as mine is? And don't forget all the exciting adventures that raising kids adds to your day, every day.