Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Book that Made Your World - a review

It has taken me forever to read this book. Not that it's not a good read. I would gobble down chunks of it at a time. It's because it was only available as an eBook and I did not have an eReader until my birthday last month. That's when my mom and my sister (who both have one) got me a Kindle. I'm starting to enjoy it. Has come in handy a few times this last month but I still LOVE real books. But I'm not here to review the Kindle, I'm here to tell you about this great book. First a little blurb about what the book is about.

Discover how the Bible became the West’s source of human rights, justice, heroism, optimism, compassion, capitalism, family, and morality.
In the 1960s many from the West went to the East in search of spiritual wisdom. The Book That Made Your World reverses the journey. Vishal Mangalwadi, an Indian philosopher, takes readers on a historical journey through the last millennium, exploring why and how the Bible reformed Europe and made the West a uniquely thinking civilization: technical and tolerant, scientific and free, just and prosperous. Readers will learn:
  • Why an American president puts his hand on the Bible to take the oath of a secular office
  • What forced British monarchs from Henry VIII to James I to submit to the Bible’s authority
  • Why Bible translators Wycliffe, Luther, and Tyndale became history’s greatest revolutionaries
  • How the Bible globalized western education

A learned man who was raised in Indian culture, telling the world how the Bible has made it what it is today. It's an extremely powerful and uplifting book to read. He gives the facts, he shares personal stories, and he makes it an enjoyable read. 

One of my favorite quotes is, "Postmodern people see little point in reading books that do not contribute directly to their career or pleasure." Which I believe makes for a sad state of affairs in this world. You need to learn about the world you are living in and where it came from in order to know where it's going.

Reading the challenges that the Bible has gone through in order to get into the hand of every person on this planet is amazing (and still on going). The effect the Bible has had on people explains so much about the world around us. As the Bible has been translated and placed into the hands of the common man, we have realized that we can think for ourselves and that there is something better for us out there if only we Ask, Seek, and Knock.

I cannot explain as completely and eloquently as Mr Mangalwadi has. So go out and get yourself a copy and read for yourself how the Bible has changed the world. And then go and grab a copy of the Bible and see how it can change you.

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