Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day One...hmmm

The first step to everything is just getting started, right?

So here I am at the computer for the first time for the day. I started collecting ideas yesterday but I just don't have the mental strength to think about it right now. Maybe I'll just tell you about my day. May all of you out there will have some input into the hubby's latest dilemma.

I was woken at 1230am because I heard the hubby up (he fell asleep at 6pm last night). Couldn't get back to sleep until 2am. Woke again at 630am with a monkey in my bed and another staring at me because she was hungry.

Found two of them having a camp out in front of the electric fireplace with the dog. Made them pancakes that looked like hearts and eyeballs. Then we packed the family up in the car and headed for Chippewa Falls. If you drink beer, you automatically wondered why we would take the whole family there. The hubby found a minivan that he is willing to drive there for a decent price.

It was a beautiful drive to find out that they had just sold that car last night.

Yup, we're looking for a minivan. Never thought I'd break down and get one but it will haul everything and the dog. The hubby is still searching for the perfect one. He keeps sitting in them to see if the driver seat is comfy. Then he looks at the storage capabilities. If he's not comfy, it's not a happy house.

Do any of you drive a minivan? What do you drive? What do you like best about it?
Thanks for your opinion and I'll keep ya'll updated on our car progress.

PS...if you know anyone who wants my Chrysler 300, we're selling it.