Thursday, September 22, 2011


My thought for today is...I wish it would rain. I feel the pressure in my head.

But I am being entertained by 2 rambunctious little girls. They have amazing imaginations. And I believe that Violet has talked twice as much today as she usually does.

The new bracelet design is coming along nicely.

And tonight is date night. Going underwear shopping. I know that may sound exciting to some of you out there.

Scooby update...He pulled the stairs off the deck. He almost pulled the slide off the playhouse. He ran away from both the hubby and I as we were trying to leave the house (but we caught him before he got too far). He is really starting to get the hang of walking to school to collect the girls. And I believe he has to be part hound with the way he sniffs.

I believe that is the collection of my thoughts at the moment. Besides the fact that I need a new exercise ball for at my desk or a real type of chair. I like the ball though because I can kick it out of my way. Eh.