Friday, September 9, 2011

So tired...just want a nap.

Something has got to be missing from my body because I should not feel this tired all the time. It's probably me wearing myself down but I don't remember feeling this tired when I do that. Hmmm...maybe these 330am wake ups with no nap are starting to affect me. Tiny girl did allow me to take one nap this week. We will try again today with all the other stuff I have planned.

Girlie birthday party this weekend. Started making the fairy dust (colored salt) last night. Going to pop some fresh popcorn for them to sprinkle the fairy dust on. Also planning on making coffee filter fairies and no cook playdough. So keep your eyes open for the wrap up summary of all this fantasticness. Along with it being my birthday and we've been invited to an Eagle Scout ceremony. And then it looks like I'll be starting helping out in the classroom the week after or maybe the week after that. The hubby is very excited that I have so much to do to keep busy. Praying that if I wear myself out, that he'll be fine picking up the pieces (after all, it took him a week to realize I was sick last month).

M.O.M.S. group started up again. Love hanging out with such a wide range of women. We have two brand new moms and a few well retired ladies along with all of us in the many stages of children. This session we are studying And yesterday was the introduction session. What hit me the most was the simple change of a word in a sentence can change everything. If you simply change "need" to "want", this weight lifts off of you and you are able to function happily. Talked this topic over with the hubby last night. He said that there has to be a base list of needs in order to function. I think that if we make some of those needs into wants in the learning process, we may raise happier children. They should want to pick up their toys so that they know where to find them and they don't disappear. They should want to put their clothes in their drawers so that they know where to find them and they stay clean and safe from the sisters. They should want to help out around the house because they know that makes mom and dad happy and when they are happy good things happen.

I think I have procrastinated enough for one morning (maybe .:slaps hand:. ok). Time to do my study because I want to not have to worry about it for the rest of the day and I want to do something fun with the tiny girl. Like attempt the first batch of playdough.