Monday, August 15, 2011

Schedule changes

Sorry I missed today's post and probably don't have enough energy to do one for tomorrow right now. We are helping out at the school garden again this week. We decided to visit the garden in the am so that I can get the kids used to getting up for school. Which means that my brain is fried until I can get used to the new schedule; getting up at 330 to spend time with the hubby before he goes to work and then getting the girls up at 630 so that they can get ready in time for school.

It feels good getting out for that mile walk in the morning again but my brain just cannot connect the dots with the new schedule. I give it til the end of the week to work for me.

We did find some cool things this morning though. We learned that if you tie Zest soap bars to your garden posts, the deer won't come and eat your crops. We also learned that our toad is still alive and eating all of our bugs in our garden. We also learned that we have got two pumpkins growing in our toad garden.

We are going to do it again tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be back by Wednesday. Praying ya'll are enjoying your summer and savoring every day.