Sunday, August 14, 2011

Adventures Through The Alphabet pt 3

Spent the weekend with my Dad because it's his birthday today and they are not going to be able to make it up for my girl's birthday next weekend. We did still work on the letter "S" while he was here. But I'm getting ahead of myself because we did "P" before that. He is our picture round up of our letter weekend.


We start with a pout professionally performed by the peanut. Followed by all of the puppies, penquins, and ponies, that the girls could find, place on a polka dotted pillow case. Then we searched for everything pink and they donned pink head gear (a wig, a Easter bonnet and a Pirate cap). Then the peanut created a pile of pillows and stood behind it to measure how tall her pile was. Then the peanuts petite pink pillow pets and a pink bunny bag she found. Lastly the awesome present I got in the mail from Mamahhh. I love it! The saying fits the monkey circus and I perfectly.

Let's do our short ad for the letter "S". We went swimming and were served steak for dinner while one girl slept on the restaurant's floor (good thing we chose a family restaurant and it wasn't all that busy at the moment). There were plenty of smiles shared and we played Sorry and Sorry Spin. Much fun was had celebrating a seventh birthday and my dad's (we'll keep his age secret). We also did some awesome salt painting.

Thanks for continuing our adventure through the alphabet. Not sure what letter comes next. I should tried to be more prepared than I am but the girls also like creating the ideas during the day.