Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In the mail!

Wahoo! Who here loves crafting and has a monstrous supply of "things" that can be used to create wonderful things? I know I do. I have so much that it drives my husband crazy. I probably have too many "things" because the girls sometimes don't know what to choose.

Today in the mail I got more! Tee hee.

Thanks to Quirky Momma for hosting the Elmers giveaway. I got this in the mail...
After lunch we broke out all the colors and got to work. I was even willing to share the pens with the girls but none of them decided they wanted to try them. The giant markers were the items that caught their eyes.

My circus had a blast coloring random things. We are still in the process of building the ultimate fairy houses. If only I could get them to focus for long enough to put things together. *sigh* Oh well, we sure do have fun creating though.

Thanks Elmers for the great box of goodies.