Sunday, July 10, 2011

What to Write on a Sunday?

My hubby and I got some bonus time together this week because my mother-in-law took our girls for 3 whole days (bet she has been enjoying the last 24 hours of silence). He sweetly invited me to take a drive with him to Menards (a local form of Home Depot only better). Ever since we bought our house and started remodeling it 6 years ago, we have been taking our date time to Menards. It's really not so bad. Get to hang out with my guy doing something he enjoys doing and I am not bored out of my mind doing it...also accomplishes getting things done that I would like done.

Our trip to Menards this week was to build a fireman's pole for the girls new playground that he's building in our yard. On our drive down we got to talking about the blogging challenge that I signed up for this month. I don't have a set idea for writing on Sunday because it seems like such a meaningful day. I asked him what he thought I should write about. It's always fun seeing what's wandering around in his brain.

His first response was to write about how people treat strangers better than their own family. He think I should dig into that idea and maybe initiate a revolution in gaining the family back at the center of our own lives. My response was that I wrote something kind of like that about how we've lost our neighborhoods. He said that he's been working on that; having conversations with our neighbors.

His second response was a red Trailblazer. Just because that's what drove past us down the road. I chimed in that we could go test drive a car every Saturday and then write a review on Sunday about it. He liked that idea. He wants to go and test drive a Camero.  Probably not going to happen with three girls still in booster and carseats.

This led him to ask me if I really enjoy writing and if I see it as something I would like to do to earn a living someday. This from the man who gave me a journal for our first Christmas that had an inscriptions saying, "I know that you will write a fantastic book someday. Here's a place to start your ideas." That was 7 years ago.

I guess time will tell. And this is what I write for Sunday. Thanks for traveling with us.