Saturday, July 9, 2011

Thoughts of Another Agenda

I am a bad wife. I don't do half the things a wife should do and I continuously disappoint my husband. My house isn't always clean. I don't always cook healthy, filling meals. Or have them on the table on time.

I let the stress of my day affect how I treat my husband instead of seeing all that he has done for me today and appreciating him for it.

I don't keep myself pretty and smelling good all the time because I just dom't have time to make it a priority.

I tend to put myself first some days. I have an issue with control; both the giving and taking of it.

He doesn't acknowledge all I do in a day or even help me with the little things. So I must be a bad wife.

These are the thoughts of another agenda.

I am a good wife or he wouldn't still be putting up with me. I am not perfect. I am a human. Things get done, just not always on schedule. I still awe him at times. He's still attracted to me and wants to be near me. I'm still learning to give control and follow being submissive as laid out in the Bible. I am still learning how not to be passive and take some control of my life. This is my double edged sword.