Saturday, July 2, 2011

Thoughts of Another Agenda

I am not a good mom. I yell all the time. I never do anything fun like get dirty or hang from the monkey bars like Dad. I never let them do anything fun like dig holes in the yard and use glitter and glue all day long. I make them eat the food on their plate whether they want it or not. I don't let them eat sweets all day everyday. We don't spend all day at the park. I don't buy them everything they want.
I do let them eat sugar (chocolate, licorice, suckers). I let them run in the house and climb the walls. I let them make messes all over the house and don't make them pick it all back up. I don't give away their toys without permission from them.
I think I could go on forever with the thoughts that cause me to think that I am a bad mom. But these are hidden agenda thoughts that I don't want to think. I want to know that my children love me and enjoy spending time with me so much that they never want to leave my side. These girls are healthy and happy and have more than enough of everything. I am a good mom. No matter what those thoughts say.