Sunday, July 3, 2011

My 100th Post it's more than the 100th but I deleted some of them. So this is the official 100th post in case you want to go and count the current ones.

What does one do with this immense post? Do I write about the state of the world? The state of my house? The state of my mind? The state of my girls? The state of my grass? What state I'm in?

Too much pressure for a simple outlet of all of the things tumbling through my mind...ah ha! The perfect topic. Writing.


I believe everyone should do it even if it is only your simple thought of the moment or what you did today. There is so much therapy in writing. I don't think I can tell you just how long I have been writing for myself. I was never able to find that obscure person to write to. I would write fabulous emails and letters and I hammered through my journals like they were water. But to sit down and write to a person or an idea of a person that I did not know...could not wrap my mind around that.

Until one women's retreat. I had quite a few ladies tell me that the things that come out of my mind definitely need to be put into a book and that they would buy a copy for all of their friends. So I started collecting topics...with the image of the mom that's like me. She's bombarded daily from every aspect of her life. The mom that some days feels as though she has lost herself in this world of raising children. The woman that feels as though she is only a glorified housekeeper on other days. The woman that feels eternally blessed on yet other days. The woman who feels that she is all well as the one who wishes she could just have a moment alone. The woman who is having a hard time understanding and the next moment wishes that she didn't understand at all.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. The thoughts that tumble through my head astound and amaze me most days. So I started this blog building on the idea that started 2 years ago. Sitting on the front porch with women that you knew would never betray you. Being able to pour out your soul to them and know that if you got it trampled that you probably deserved it. Drinking wine and collecting the random sentence that makes you smile and sparks a thousand thoughts by just reading it again.

So this is where I am starting my book. This is where I am collecting my thoughts. This is what I am going to leave behind. You never know what's going to happen tomorrow, much less in the next minute. Leave someone something to let them know who you really are. Reading someone else's thoughts gives you an insight into that person that a conversation never will.