Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Last Day of the Challenge

Today is the last day of the 31 day Blog Challenge. I started wracking my brain as to how I wanted to end this adventure. What have I learned. Who have I met. What I'm doing different.Where I'm going to go from here.

Those are all deep and pondersome questions. I'm not feeling that deep right now.

I really enjoyed having to be accountable for making sure that I shared something new every day. It made me more willing to share more, think more, write more.

I am amazed at how much my life has changed in these last couple of years. Something is steering me to go down a certain path. It looks very scary. And to borrow a quote from a lovely lady I've met this year, " I always take the high road. The low road is way too crowded." (You can find her here...

This next school year is going to be a challenge for us all. My hubby changed jobs, therefore, we are waking up at 330A to get him ready for work and spend time together. Then I spend the next couple of hours cleaning, writing, spending time doing what I want to without distractions. Then come the school year, I'll be getting two of the three ready for full day of school. This means new challenges for the both of them, along with homework. It also means a new challenge for me and the tiny girl. She wants to do everything that her sisters do. She told me at the end of last year that she was going to be in second grade next year (she's 3).

I'm glad to have met many moms who have been down this part of the path that I have begun to walk down. I'm also glad to have met many teachers and homeschoolers who share wonderful ideas to keep my tiny genius busy. I have also met many writers who inspire me and show me that I don't need to be perfect for people to enjoy my writing. The only thing I need to do is to keep writing my best and people will read it.

It's like that giant question that everyone has asked at some point in their life, "How do they do it?" You just keep on keeping on and do your best to get it done. Don't be afraid to say that you need help....and then go to find it. 

This is the path that I am taking and I am glad to have been a part of this challenge and to see all the wonderful assortment of people and thoughts out there. Also to see how just a simple word can change a person's day (sometimes all it may take is a picture).