Monday, June 20, 2011


We have lost our neighborhoods.
I got to spend some time in an old fashioned neighborhood where neighbors waved and said, "Hi." out of habit rather than checking to see who it is first.
I got a wake up call from a friend of mine; that was not directed at me but it still hit home. That people tend to call on one another when we want something and not necessarily just to say, "Hi."
I have been called to wake the neighborhoods back up. Send random notes just to say, "Hi." and see what's up in their lives; NOT to say what's going on in your.
It's time for us all to actively participate in our communities. If you are having issues with the state of the world today, do something about it. Start by saying hi to your neighbor and picking up garbage as you go for a walk around town. Start small, pay it forward, you could end up affecting the world as a whole.