Saturday, May 7, 2011

Date night with my girl

She chose to go to McDonald’s so she could get ice cream and play on the slides. These girls amaze me continuously. She people watches for the first couple minutes that we’re there. I keep trying to get her attention to see if there’s anything she wants to talk about.

She climbs on the wall that acts as a counter table. Walks along the top on her tushy.

She decides that she’s had enough shake and is ready to play. She’s off running. When she comes back, she tells me that she’s tired already. Stops for some shake and people watches some more. And she’s off.
I look and she’s hiding between the slide tunnel and the tunnel to climb up to the slide. She’s sitting there curled up as small as she can be. I just watch her wondering what she is doing. My guess is she’s checking out the competition. She’s watching the other kids to see who to play by and who to stay away from.

She comes back over and tells me that she was hiding from me. Drinks some shake and starts her next trick. She walks along the wall on her hands with her legs swinging. Did I tell you that she’s part monkey? The best part is when she gets her momentum going and flies off the wall because her feet flew up high enough to see them over the wall. She loved it and did it again. Soon all I could see was fingers and feet. Drinks some more milkshake and she’s off again.
At one point, she climbs on the top of the tube for the slide. So she’s perched just over all the kids sliding out. She lays on tap and tests gravity. She leans over and looks in. she just sits there and looks out the window.

The kids thin out and she gets to climb up the slide. I remember what a challenge that was. But we only got to do it in the summer time at the park and the slides were metal.

Then she gets obsessed with the camera and insists that I take a thousand pictures of her.

Then she has moments when she just sits and watches the other kids. Love those moments. She gets this look of utter fascination. Like their foreigners and she’s trying to understand their language.

She’s my girl. I see so much of me in her. Sometimes that worries me. Other times I am so excited for her and the woman she’s going to become. Especially because she has got her daddy mixed in there.
I am fascinated by the parents. The one mom is studying and her boys keep trying to get my attention. The other couple is playing games on their phones and having random conversations.

I think my girl is bored. But she doesn’t want to leave because she would have to go home to bed. Taking a shower has won her over. Wonder how Daddy did at home with the other two monkeys.