Saturday, May 14, 2011

Daddy Date by Greg Wright - a book review

Absolutely LOVED this book.
Daddy Dates is a wonderful book written by a father of 4 girls, who all happen to be teenagers now. Greg Wright has a laid back easy way of speaking; he is easily understandable. The chapters are short and to the point, thereby making them easy to devour by the daddy who doesn’t have much time for reading (kind of like my husband, father of 3 girls).
Greg Wright takes you through all the steps that he stumbled through to get to where he is today with “dating” his daughters. The reason I chose this book is because we as a family try to strive to make one-on-one time with every member of the family. I figured that if he had any helpful hints, that I would be more than welcome to listen to him. I was surprised by just how much good information he placed in this small book.
He includes in the back of the book a quiz on how to understand yourself, your daughter, and how you see your daughter. He also includes a few of his more successful Daddy Date ideas for you to try with your own daughters.
Some of his main points were very heart-warming to me. When he discussed how a woman’s brain works verses a man’s brain. Love knowing about the “Nothing” box. Greg Wright also reminds these daddys that if they are still with the mommy that they should probably take some time to continue dating her otherwise there may be repercussions.
Here are some of my favorite points from the book:
·         Although the man of the house messes up on a regular basis, at least my parent passport has four stamps on it and the girls keep letting me into their amazing countries.
·         I believe it’s the job of every husband and father to understand that this job – perhaps his most important job – is to be the pursuer.
·         You’re already in love with your date and she loves you, and no matter what you do, it’s better than not doing it at all.
·         You can still feed the ducks with girls of any age, but then you have to sit on the plaid blanket and talk – if you want to get to know a female.
·         Females are wired for context and may seem to talk around something to get to something, but what they’re really doing is rounding up all the pertinent parts of the picture hoping that we’ll “get it”.
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