Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An Amazing and Touching Event

My husband and I came home this evening to find a flyer stuck in our door jamb with some handwriting on it. Your immediate thought is wondering who's trying to sell you what or on what, right?

The hand written note read..."We have a free American Flag we'd like to donate to your home. Johny Weber Troop 503. Please call me."

We instantly called him back and left a message saying that we would be honored to receive a flag. Johny's mom called back and told us how pleased they were to hear that because we were the first house he wanted to stop by. I'm going to be honored by that thought because our flag wasn't that horrible but it was time to change it.

Johny was adopted from Russia 3 years ago. His mom told us the story of how Johny is passionate about the American flag because the moment he first laid eyes on one, he felt his first taste of real freedom. His mom also let us know that he has been holding onto this project for a while now, not letting anyone else know for fear that someone might take it. Johny's Eagle Scout project was to raise enough money to buy 50 flags to give to local homes and businesses that already were flying flags but were in need of a new one.

They arrived here with 2 other scout members and his 3-year-old brother (Pheonix). While I ran back in the house to get the camera they got acquainted. Wishing I would have got pictures of them saluting Mitch and thanking him for the service that he performed for this country (for those of you who don't know, my hubby is a former Marine).

The scouts performed the flag exchange by the book. It was amazing to watch. While they were lowering the old flag, I heard a little song and I smiled. I couldn't quite make out the song that was being sung by Pheonix because he was snuggled in his daddy's arms. But I smiled because I had a guess and it reminded me so much of my 3-year-old. He was singing the Star Spangled Banner. Very impressed with these boys this day.

Wishing that there was more that I could do as a pay-it-forward or to pay them back. It was such a great honor to be chosen and to get to hear this story. The only thing I could think of after they left was getting to my computer to write it all down and share this amazing story of these amazing boys with all of you.

And now...the photos...hope you enjoy.

It was amazing. Hope the pictures speak what we experienced.