Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What’s in a name?

There comes a day when you realize that you’ve lost your name. You begin by loving your name because it is yours alone. Then you begin to realize that other people out there have similar or the same name. You go through a patch where you wonder what life would have been like with another name. You get married and your name changes to join another…it’s more powerful this way. Then you have children and get to choose the name they will treasure (a huge challenge). Then the day arrives when you realize just how little you get to hear that name you were so proud of as a little child. You have become “Mom” or some alternative of it. You have joined the ranks of so many women before you. It is strong and powerful and weak and debilitating all at the same time. Who is this “mom”? What are her super powers? What makes her special? What is this identity that you have embraced over the one that you were blessed with as a tiny child?