Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Day In The Life of a Parent

Found journal entry 03.24.10

Sitting at the library wishing for my journal, left it at home, pfth. Feeling bad about myself and my inability to use all of my potential. Looking through the activity books. Saw all of the things I could be teaching the girls. How easy homeschooling would be. Instead, I sit back and let everyone else teach my kids. Hazel could be flying through books. Only I failed. I didn’t keep encouraging when she was carrying books everywhere. Packed a couple idea books in my bag. I get a week with all the girls to learn about something, everything! Maybe I’ll find a spark to keep me going. I feel so beat up and wore out. So lazy and doldrum. There’s still hope for me. I can find the spark of life again. The sky is blue, the sun is shining.

Comments 04.06.11

It’s my job to be the parent. I get to teach these girls on my time. I get to teach them by my actions as well as by the lessons that I teach them. We learn every day together. We get to do fun learning on the weeks that they don’t have school. They pick a topic and we head to the library to find as many books, movies, and music that we can to learn about the topic. We turn on the computer and see what we can find there. And most importantly, we head outside and see what God has to teach us about this topic. One of my favorites was the day we studied wind and flew plastic bag kites. These are the lessons the girls are going to remember when they’re grown up. The fun things that mom took time to teach them.