Saturday, April 9, 2011

Church – It’s not just a place to worship

I grew up going to a Catholic church. Looking back, I enjoyed the structure of it. While going it seemed like torture some days and something I was supposed to do on the others. I became old enough that my parents couldn’t make me go to church anymore, so I stopped going.

Decided to marry my first husband and started going to a Catholic church again. Stopped going because I was sure that the church was going to fall down around us for all the sin he had been committing.

Met my husband and he wanted to join a church because he thought we needed it. He knew the value of going to church. I have the belief that you can worship God anyplace and at any time…which is true. God doesn’t only hear you while you’re sitting in a pew. Many pew sitters are there just to sit anyway. I didn’t see the value of joining a church because I didn’t know what it was really all about until we joined our first church.

First sermon was on the value and constitution of marriage. It was destiny. Found out that church is like an extended family. They are there for you when your blood family may not be or you may not want them to be. A church family will help you discover your hidden talents. They will help you to help others. It was an amazing feeling.

Church after church that we’ve joined (moving from city to city) shows me deeper and deeper what it is that a church is designed to be. It is a place to gather, to make friends, to share ideas, to brainstorm, to learn, to teach, to bond. God’s plan for a church is where 2 or more people come together to share and learn and love. It is your family filled with brothers and sisters and He is the Father leading us all.