Saturday, March 19, 2011

Driving to Oz

The drive between my house and my mom's always brings out the most profound thoughts I have ever had. Makes me wonder if the fact that I was born and raised in Oz has anything to do with it.

This drive was done alone. Left the kids with the hubby at home because I had planned a well needed girls weekend at my mom's. Turns out that God needed me here for my friends more than I had thought because we're taking some time to say good-bye to a loved one before we start digging into our girls weekend.

Most of the drive was done in the dark, so no pics to be had. But I did have a very full moon follow me which reminded me of my tiny one who loves her moon.

The one thought I wanted to write about tonight was about a sentence that I had collected and was planning on sharing this weekend. "God carves a path for you." Love the sound of the "carve". It's not being laid out, it's being carved. This brought to mind a memory of showing my girls how as the snow melts, the water will carve out a path in the ice and form a trench of flowing water.

That is the path that God carves out for us. It's that trench of flowing water in the ice. He wears away all of the hard stuff in life and lets us flow in His river of peace.