Thursday, August 28, 2014

Your Input

I was listening to an audio yesterday morning titled Change Your Life by Changing Your Mind. In it the speaker, Dan Hawkins, mentioned that when his daughters need an attitude adjustment he requires them to listen to more learning cds for a few days. And it works.

So, I decided to try it. I played that cd over and over again during the day. Amazing. Whenever the kids where in listening range of the cd player, they had a better attitude. Whenever they were out of listening range, they started arguing and trying to assert their authority over each other. It was wonderful.

I tried it with a different cd today and it didn't work so well. May have been the cd or it may have been just God showing me that there is no easy way to raise children.

Either way, the cd was amazing and it really makes you think about what you are putting in your head. What other people are placing in there for you. What it is all doing to your attitude and your thinking?

I've been pondering taking notes on what I think about all day long because there have been some points in my days when I wonder how I got there. It would be amazing to be able to look back over my thoughts and see which words led to which words, which caused me to end up on this thought. The long version of taking control of your thoughts and thinking on what is true, right, and good.

What have you been wondering on lately? Where has your mind been going lately? And has your attitude been following it or leading it?