Monday, August 5, 2013

My hubby the Warrior

We had such a good time cheering on my hubby at the Warrior Dash this past weekend. He and two of his friends from church decided to go together through the Warrior Dash. They had such a good time encouraging each other on. The guys were each in a different age group, which was kind of fun on it's own. They came in 262-264 out of 6050. And they even helped some people up and over a few of the obstacles.

I think the best part was their faces after it all was done. All covered in gross mud.

If you can spy the man in the purple tank shirt, you can see my hubby's head just to the left of it. There were so many people there it was crazy.

Here's a better picture of him.

And some of the others.

 Some random pictures of the guys. After the Warrior Dash.


 The kiddos keeping cool and occupied.

The boots the day after. We all had such a great time this past weekend just hanging out together as a family.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures.