Monday, January 28, 2013

Random Thoughts

Didn't feel like writing my latest book review today, I'll do it tomorrow when I have more room to think.

Hubby has been sick since Thursday night. It seems more stressful to have an adult sick than children. We need to get healthy faster so we try to rush the healing by trying to be quiet and make sure they have everything they need. Today the laying around got to him. He seemed to end up everywhere that I wanted to be today and I work alot better when I'm alone than with an audience or helpers. So my brain has been working overtime talking to myself. Eh...better that than giving in to the negative, right?

Last night had a talk with the monkeys before we read bedtime stories (continuing our walk with Dorthoy, she's a bit of a ditz). We talked about how God wants us to live a life like Jesus and how Satan doesn't want us to do that. We talked about how Satan sneaks in and whispers in our ear to do things that are not pleasing to God. I got to use the example of hitting your sister while in church, yes, tall girl and tiny girl...*sigh* I explained that by them giving in to the urge to hit their sister in church that they distracted themselves from God's word, they distracted mom from God's word, and possibly a lot of the congregation because we are front pew sitters. I talked to them about this being the reason why Dad and I keep talking to them about team work and working together. Because the more we work together, the greater a force for good we are and the less power Satan will have over us and the world around us. This conversation has been very helpful all day whenever they started barking at each other.

This morning at breakfast was an interesting talk. My Amber girl told me that a girl in her class doesn't believe in God but she's been baptized. It had confounded her mind completely. I told her that some religions baptize their babies when they are born so that they aren't personally choosing Christ as their savior and then it's up to the parents to teach them about God and why they were baptized. Unlike what my girls went through. They chose Christ as their savior and were baptized this past year. Tiny girl just about fell out of her seat with a, "But they have to believe in God!"

I love learning with my girls and seeing them grow causing me to grow in order to keep up with them. Now off to find something else to do. Who knew cooking pizza would take this long?