Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mitch's speech

The following letter was written by Barbara Birchim.

Forgotten by all except their families, our POW's and MIA's sit silently in foreign countries waiting to be brought home. Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is the newest member of this group of left behind members of our military.

In 1968, my husband Cpt. James D. Birchim became missing in action. Families were told to be patient and be quiet, that the government was working to get answers. When the Vietnam War ended, some 4,000 men were listed as POWs and MIAs. Within a couple of years, all of them were declared Killed In Action whether there was proof of their death or not. They were wiped off the books and given a number. They are no longer a face but only a number to the carious departments in government. I was naive and thought the government would help get them home. It would be years later that I would discover that this is a trend with our government. WWII left 78,000+, Korea left 8,000+, the Cold War 125, and now Sgt. Bergdahl.

The government quickly tires from hearing from the families; and, answers may take YEARS in coming. There is no hope without the push from every citizen to demand from our officials that they bring him home. It seems so ironic that a young eagle scout who came from another country should be the one to remind us how precious freedom is and to remind us of our responsibility to our own soldiers.

We as a people get mad at gas prices, unemployment, religious, persecution, corruption in government - but who cares for those left behind except for the families?

Our news media that loves to report scandals, doesn't seem to be interested either. And, isn't this the biggest story ever? Bowe is alive and I can't imagine how he feels. The names and faces of those military killed in action used to be shown at the end of the national news every night. Why isn't Bowe's picture shown as a POW every night?

We can't let Bowe slip away and become a number. How can we call ourselves a great nation if we don't take care of our own soldiers?

The citizens of this country have failed our POW/MIAs in the past wars, let's NOT make the same mistake again. We need to spread the word that we as a nation want Bowe home and demand from our elected officials that they do it now.

Barbara Birchim - wife of Cpt. James D. Birchim, MIA - November 15, 1968

When I learned that Bowe's parents believed this is part of God's plan, I was in awe of their faith.
I spent days thinking how could this be God's plan?
Pondering the possibilities and comparing to the stories in the book of Job. I couldn't find the answer there.
Maybe the answer I was looking for was not there because we often think that Job was being tested. Or punished.
Bowe Bergdahl is not being tested or punished by God. Bowe's parents are not being tested or punished either.
Our Lord has a plan for all of us. As well as a plan that is bigger than each of us. We must trust in Him.
I can not stand here tonight and tell you that I know what His plans are. I do want to share with you a thought that came to me one night while in prayer.
This thought seemed impossible and too difficult, yet it was so simple. I knew it wasn't me coming up with this thought.
I was praying that the Lord gives Bowe strength to endure, to continue on, keeping faith and looking to the day he will be home again.
I was praying that the Holy Spirit would be with Bow to make all of this possible.
That is when it happened - that simple thought.
I started to pray that the Spirit would fill Bowe in abundance. Fill him so full, that our Lord Jesus's light shine through him and witness to those who are holding him hostage.
That they might, for the first time, see what love is.
I prayed that they too might thirst for love. the very love that we have received from each  other and shown for Bowe Bergdahl.
all of us have a purpose. we are not here tonight by accident or coincidence. We all share a great responsibility. We need to pray big impossible prayers. And pray Bowe returns home safely after he finishes his mission that the Lord has set before him.
Thank you Bowe Bergdahl