Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Coming Revolution - A book review

 I have been bombarded with thoughts on patriotism these past couple of months. Especially these past couple of weeks. The ideas that have come flooding in on this thought process....makes me want to sit my girls down and learn some history together. Besides reading this book that I got fromI review for BookSneeze®,
I also watched
and listened to. So, I may have been slamming myself with these thoughts. But I didn't go out searching for them at the library. They seemed to jump off the shelf and into my bag. I couldn't walk away from them. And each one impacted my thought process in a different way...all good.

But back to the book review...

...a little about the book...

"We are living in a time of monumental change.
Countless numbers of ordinary people, men and women from all walks of life, are joining forces to challenge the direction our national leaders are now taking us. Washington’s idea of change has failed, and most Americans are now frustrated, disappointed, and angry. The result is a long list of offenses, both perceived and real, that can easily set off a chain reaction that quickly becomes irreversible. And in the right environment, the situation can be explosive.
It is easy to see that many of the identical social and religious provocations that spurred the colonists toward the First American Revolution are present today, inspiring a new generation to seek what the Founders called “a new birth of freedom.” Signs are pointing to the fact that we are now standing on the threshold of a new American revolution, not with muskets and cannon balls this time but a revolution conscience, morality, and honor, dedicated to responsible social, moral, and political reforms, demanding change from the socialistic direction our political, judicial, and intellectual leaders have been taking us.
The Coming Revolution draws from the wellspring of America’s powerful past to reveal a nation of people who, under the hand of Divine Providence, will once again fight and win the coming battle for personal and national freedom."
...and now from me...
I really enjoyed the book. The author made sure to share facts that were interesting as well as some of the plain ones. It was refreshing to read why this country was founded and why people keep flooding it's shores. We stand for freedom here. We allow you to be who you are and enjoy the diversity of who you are. 
The author did a great job showing how the many religions were brought and founded in this country and how they have developed over time. He showed how religion kept bringing us together over the years.
The only part of the book that caused my hackles to raise was when he started sharing his opinion and his facts on the current administration. They may be right and true but I wasn't looking for a book on what is wrong with the country currently. I want to know how to fix it and how I can help influence my friends and family with my passions and thoughts about patriotism and freedom, not about which political party is doing what. Thankfully, that section wasn't very long and it went on to share some good key points about what we can do...and it wasn't biased toward any political party. 
We all need to do our part to fight for the freedoms our founders planned for us to have. And in this intellectual age, we need to fight with our minds for our minds.
One of my favorite quotes from the book is, "The welfare state cannot save us. Green energy will not save us. More police, more jails, and more threats won't save us. Only God can save us, and unless the American people rise up and demand that the government get back on track, stop these predatory behaviors, and return to our founding principles, we are in for a long and bumpy ride over the next several years."
And, "...remember not only what we did but also the enormous price our forefathers paid for the liberties we enjoy."
And the author's Pathway to Victory:
1. We Must Prepare Personally
2. We must partner with others.
3. We must learn the process.
4. We must participate in the arena.
5. We must proclaim the truth.
6. We must persevere until we prevail.
And I'll leave you with one more, "When we make the decision to become engaged, we are not just doing it for ourselves but for all those who come after us. We are also doing it to honor the legacy that was given to us by all those brave men and women who came before us. What a tragedy it would be if, having been given so much, we should fail to pass on to future generations the blessings of liberty that have been entrusted into our hands."
I would recommend this book to everyone. Along with the movies I watched while I was on the journey through this book. We need a renewal of what this country was founded for. Will you be a part of the change for the good or the bad?

If we forget what we did, we won't know who we are. - Ronald Reagan
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