Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lessons Learned from My girl today

The sweetest Valentine I got today was the reminder to act like a small child (minus the tempertantrums).

I'm crazily distracted this morning about the budget and paying bills and she is happily playing with the leftover Valentines that her sisters left out. I told her that it was time to get ready to go to the bank and she got SUPER excited. She told me that first she had to get Valentines picked out to give to the ladies at the bank. She picked out three and wrote her name on the back of them all by herself.

On the car ride to the bank, we're listening to a LIFE training...Like Your Life Depended On It. My Violet from the backseat gets all excited, "Mom, she's talking about David and Goliath. The giant pickle bounces and shakes the whole ground." We had just watched David and the Giant Pickle from Veggie Tales last night. Super exciting that she is connecting all the things going on around her life. Loved this training. Where else can you learn through stories about David and Goliath, Superman and Chuck Norris, and Prince?

At the bank, My Violet sneaks the first Valentine up onto the counter for our teller. The lady glows because it reminds her of the wonderful surprise that her husband gave her early for Valentines (a dozen specially dipped strawberries). My Violet tugs on my coat and asks if she can go in the office and give one to the lady behind the desk. She walks in all sweetly and hands out her second Valentine. the lady comes out and lets us know how much this Valentine really means to her today, how very sweet it is, and how it is going to stay on her desk all day long. The third Valentine, we interrupt the lady's phone conversation because Violet has something for her. These ladies have been watching my girls grow up; they love every time I bring them in to visit. My Violet hands her the Valentine, the lady amazes how big my Violet is getting, and asks for a hug from her. My Violet's excitement about handing out Valentines because she wanted to be like her sisters, made these ladies day. She filled their bucket and gave them a joy to remember for the rest of today(and maybe longer). When I told my Violet this she looked at me in shock like I was crazy. She couldn't believe that something so simple could make such a huge difference in someone's life.

These are my lessons for this morning. Pay attention to the information flowing around you. Connect the pieces of what's going on around you. The simple things can make the biggest impact on someone's life that you never thought of before it happened.

Where can you make a difference today? What can you learn from what is around you today?