Friday, February 24, 2012

A day.

Today is an odd day. It has been a full three months of of running and chaos I have finally caught up with my life. Or at least that's how it feels. Now that I said that my life will probably get chaotic. The hubby decided to stay home for our date last night and I got caught up on a few things. Grandma borrowed my tiny Violet for the weekend (miss her something terrible today). Been a slow morning, everything happening just as it should be and no rush and bothers. Didn't feel any irritation of lack of listening. Sure did miss that this morning. So much that I had to sit down and watch Despicable Me because it's her favorite movie. It's also snowing outside and she loves to walk in the snow. Also ran into one of her best friends at school today. It's going to be a long day for me today I think, good practice for when she goes to school.

She had a successful birthday party and we counted 28 purple puppies. Her sisters even drew her some. Need to get the pictures onto my computer so that I can share them with everyone. She had the best time hugging each puppy as she opened it. Even the ones that I had pulled out of her collection and put in the bag for her to open.

It was a fun party. We did everything backwards. The hubby and I had some missed communication for the day. We ended up with a frozen 8 pound ham when the guests started to arrive. So we opened presents first, then sang happy birthday and had some cake. While that was happening my hubby was fantastically running around getting the grill prepped and burgers cooked. And the ham was ready to eat as the first guests started to leave. She loved it and it was totally memorable for us all.

She LOVES being four.

and I realized that this is totally not what I set out to write about today. I was having issues about what to share here, how much to share, and wondering is my thoughts were even worth sharing some days. So many exciting and interesting things have been happening and I ... don't know. Maybe it's time to just force myself to write every day like I used to for the UBC challenges. But then I was reading another blog yesterday and she said that she is going to be cutting back because the things she's doing in real life are more important and she is tired of having the blog feel like a job. Sounds good to me. Not sure that I am ready for a job yet. Enjoying playing with my girls right now. Did see a 365 day craft challenge yesterday. Might have to take that up with the girls. Could make that into a weekly post instead of daily.

But I have run out of time for thoughts today, need to run off and hang out in kindergarten for a while. Have a fun filled day today. I'm off to walk in the snow and enjoy the silence while missing that tiny voice.