Thursday, December 29, 2011

Been awhile

Life has gotten kind of crazy around here lately and I just haven't had an urge to do much of anything. Putting my thoughts down has just not been something I've wanted to do. I think it was the doldrums. We didn't have any snow on the ground here for Christmas which is a huge bummer for me. Everyone I've talked to either feels the bummer of it or is glad because they don't have to clean it up.

My Hazel girl voiced a priceless thought while opening our Christmas presents on Monday. She said something along the lines of how you have to be overly enthusiastic about your gifts otherwise people don't think you like what they got you. We laughed at that one and she said, "What?" I told her it was priceless and she was right. Because my Amber girl only got really excited about one thing and I felt like I let her down for Christmas. My hubby didn't get excited about much of anything so I know I failed there. He's so hard to buy for because he doesn't like stuff. Yesterday I remembered a couple ideas that I had for him for Christmas but didn't follow through on before I forgot about them.

I got spoiled. My hubby got me a new coat, hat, ear protector, and gloves with heater pockets in for when I walk the girls to school. The girls got me a stuffed penguin.

We have two more Christmas's to go. One with the inlaws and one with my Dad and stepmom. Both should be interesting. The inlaws are coming here this weekend. So instead of sitting here and writing I should be cleaning up my desk and the rest of the house. Plan on tackling the playroom yet today. *sigh*

The flu has also ran through my house. The two girls that are in school both got sick at school (while I was there at least) and the baby got it on Monday just as we were sitting down to open presents. The hubby got it Tuesday morning and still had to go to work because of the holidays. I have not gotten it yet...knock on wood.

I've been spending time transferring my information into my 2012 calendar and journals. I think that may have something to do with my lapse in wanting to do anything. I'm waiting to use my new things and get the new year rolling. I am praying for a fun New Year's Eve. Since my hubby and I have known each other, we have gotten together with family or friends or both and played games to welcome in the new year. I am praying that this year isn't a hectic welcoming and we get to enjoy it.

The hubby is planning a huge house remodel inorder to get my desk out of the living room. I'd end up with radiant heat in my area and no windows. Not too excited about that part of it or all the construction that would go with it.

The girls are ready for lunch. So off I go to do that and then once my Violet girl is asleep, my Hazel girl and I can tackle the playroom. My Amber girl has spent most of the week with her favorite person in the whole world...Grandma.

But the best news is Scooby. The last time he escaped on us, he gave us a good chase and left the girls all standing there crying. He escaped last night while we were eating dinner. I felt a draft and immediately looked for the dog. Ran out on the porch and called for him with all of my might while my hubby got his gear on to go running after him. Scooby came back! Ran right up to the deck, up the stairs, and in the house with his tail a wagging. We were all so excited that we didn't have to chase him. Looks like he has accepted us as him home. We gave him a slice of meatloaf from the dinner table for being such a good boy and coming back when called.

And to feed my crew and see what he's barking at now. Have a great New Year if I don't talk to you before that.