Thursday, November 17, 2011

What next year may bring.

My hubby informed me last night/this morning (it's all a blur, didn't get much sleep) that Violet would be going to 4K at the same school where the other two girls have gone. I am not too happy about it. She is doing way more than her sisters were doing at her age. My hubby said that if I would have done more with them, they would be the same way. He said it nicer than that and he's probably right. Only I had an infant to take care of and that's no excuse but I was just trying to make it through each day and make sure that the girls were learning from nature and each other.

The other reason that I'm not so excited about it is that I was let down by their program last year when Amber was in it. Hazel had a fantastic time. She had homework to do every night so that she had extra work with each letter and we could see how she was doing every day and we had to participate in her learning. Amber didn't. Hazel would come home singing praise songs and telling us all about God and Jesus. Amber didn't. Now these differences could be their personality but it really deflated me on their program.

Violet was just doing some number tracing for me today...her choice. She was practicing counting to 20 yesterday. She has been choosing 5 simple reader books from the library every week and she has been working on reading them every day before nap.

I just think that if I spent some money on a good curriculum for her, that I would be better off next year. Instead of spending a huge sum on her going to school that I don't have faith in, I could keep advancing her here for probably half of the price.

I've been searching these past couple of days for some good programs. I want to do the basics of preschool with her but I also want to do some Bible study with her. I figure that will help train me more as well. I'm a little envious that many of my new friends know the song that helps you with the books of the Bible and I don't know it.

I believe teaching her at home this year and next will help me probably more than it will help her. Not that she won't benefit tremendously from it. The hubby doesn't see it that way so much. Amber's teacher is going to keep her ears open for a teacher that would fit Violet's personality and learning level. She knows of one that just changed schools so she's out for Violet.

I would love some prayers for wisdom for my hubby and I to know which way to go next year. She is the first of the three girls to have a truly insatiable hunger for learning. The other two can only take so much and then they need to run off and pretend, which is equally as important in learning.

Sigh...torn between being the submissive wife and the controlling-I-know-better mom.