Friday, November 4, 2011

Random thoughts this Friday.

Why does October hate me so much? Ever since I was in high school (I'll let you guess how long that is.) I've been getting horrid sinus infections every October. All except when I lived in Colorado. I think that makes me miss Colorado even more. The back of my head wrapping around to my ears hurt today.

I was wondering if I am the only one that has odd thoughts about pregnant women. I see a pregnant women and in the first 30 seconds of thought I go through all of those wonderful and not so wonderful memories of being pregnant and feel that glow that they are experiencing. That is quickly followed by the thought that they had to have had sex in order to get pregnant. I think it's the Catholic school girl trapped in me that finds the thought of other people having sex odd and a little disturbing. Is it just me?

Got hit by an amazing thought during Bible Study this week. Maybe the reason that so many people are drawn to my Hazel (and so many try to knock her down) is because she is so filled with the Holy Spirit. Talking to her about anything spiritual is mind blowing. She seems so wise. And she pulls out God topics at odd moments. It's kind of like my Amber and her odd math problems..."Mom, did you know that four plus two is six?"

I think I short circuited my brain. Hmmm...I thought I had something I'll be back if I remember it. Hope you all are having a completely random day.
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