Monday, November 21, 2011

Me on Monday

I tried writing this at 430 this morning. I couldn't think of enough words to combine into a sentence. I had a slew of them before I got out of bed this morning. And did I write any of them down? Of course not. This weekend I have tackled two monster clutter projects. The girls playroom and my desk. They both tend to be collection stations because they are out of the way and they are still in site enough so that you don't forget about whatever it is that you put there.

As I plowed through these two areas it occurred to me, we have ALOT of stuff that we don't need and don't use and even some things that we have no use for. I collected a garbage bag of trash. Probably two bags to give away and probably two more that I tucked away for when they get bored with the toys that I just stocked the room with. From my desk I took up two bins of things I had hidden at my desk because I felt the need to keep my things where I can touch them. That's a big problem for me...letting go and taking the risk that something will happen to it.

So with all of this I realized that the girls and I (and maybe the hubby too) needed a reminder of all we have and what we are all really thankful for. I had been playing with an idea of a GIANT craft to go with that idea. I saw this cute turkey craft that you decorated a brown ball of yarn and stick the colored tail feathers in, each with a thing you are thankful for. This year though, there seems to be a lot of tree projects happening with the same idea. Since I am a huge procrastinator, I ran with the tree project and made all the leaves white to symbolize the coming of Christmas instead of fall which we have had slip right on by.







I love what they are thankful, clothes, house, bats, dragonflies, air, water.