Friday, October 28, 2011

Women Of Faith St Paul MN

Women of Faith Imagine
As Mary Graham said at one point during the conference, "What happens at Women of Faith, stays at Women of Faith...except for what happens on the stage." So here is a compilation of my notes from the weekend. Bust first... It was an amazing event; rock concert, worship, and personal development all rolled into one. My first Women of Faith conference. Our seats were amazing! We were 3rd row from the floor directly off stage left. (Love Snagglepuss)

Our leader put together a fun experience for us. She had tshirts printed off for us which got plenty of attention all on their own. Then she also surprised us with Who-hats. Some women we passed had to tell us that they wouldn't be caught wearing them. Some women stopped us to tell us how great of an idea they were. You could spot anyone from our group all the way down the concourse; so if you lost anyone, they would be plenty easy to find.

The morning session of Friday was General Admission seating. Therefore, our group sat high up in a different section, which was fine with us. We could still see and hear everything just fine. Being a sentence collector, this was an amazing event for me. I took 7 pages worth of notes. Will share the highlights of them with you through the week.

The theme was Imagine.
The hostess was Mary Graham.
The worship team was Jennifer Thigpen, Janice Gaines, Laura Cooksey, and Allison Abbott.
The musical talent for weekend was Natalie Grant and Mary Mary.
The speakers were Henry Cloud, Lisa Harper, Nicole Johnson, Angie Smith, Luci Swindoll, and Shelia Walsh.
Our comedian was John Branyan.
You can find out more about all of these wonderful people on the Women of Faith website.

When we walked in we received a schedule and a booklet. The book included bios on all the speakers and had some advertising for the merchandise you could purchase that day.  The book also included tear out cards for their Q & A session and the prayer of faith at the end of the weekend. The also included a few pages for those who forgot to bring a journal or didn't think they would need one and were sadly mistaken. I took 10 pages of notes. Over the next couple of posts I'll share with you what I found to be noteworthy and necessary for others to hear.