Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ready. Set. Go.

I have spent the morning pondering what to write about today and being too lazy to get the cord to download my pics off my camera. And now I just realized that I could have taken the SD card out and stuck it in the computer and gotten the pics I needed off of it. .:shaking head:.

So this is how I feel today. Trying to lay out my plan and the path we need to take to have a successful day. But there are these three arrows that will keep me running in a circle and may not allow me to stay on the path that I want to be on or even onto the path that they pull me towards.

Wishing I would have thought to take a picture of these masked avengers. They are all feeling better (not 100% yet). And I am procrastinating on my day, still sitting here.

We are going to hit the "big city" for birthday gift shopping this morning. Head over to the hubby's work before lunch. The owner has authorized us to come and see where he works and what he does all day. My hubby is working on pieces for a power plant. So, picture metal boxes the size of my living room. That should be cool. Hoping to get some good pics of the adventure. Then we are going to go celebrate a birthday with friends. Finalizing the day with some rest and relaxation so that we can all go to school next week healthy. Especially since we're going to Oz next weekend for another birthday and the hubby's birthday is this week.

Some extra thoughts snuck in...started paperwork on a Pontiac Montana....watched a good movie this morning before the girls woke up Loved it. Would watch it again. May watch it with the hubby this weekend. Definitely a movie to start up some good conversations. Once again, a random library pick that has surprised me by how good it was.

And now, I'm really off before it gets too late. And my brain pours any more thoughts into my head that need to be done right now. Like the five I just thought of. UGH.