Friday, October 21, 2011

Grilled Cheese Academy - StumbleUpon

Decided to do a quick Stumble while waiting to leave this morning and found something fun.
Grilled Cheese Academy - StumbleUpon:

 Welcome to the Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Academy

Now, being from Wisconsin, I was intrigued to take a peek and see what it was all about.
Spied The Sergeant Pepper

Spied The Dagwood

Spied The Brasserie

Don't these look super yummy? They have the recipes on the site so that you can create them yourself. They also have an option where you can submit your own Wisconsin cheese concoction. If you get a craving for cheese and want something a little different, pop on over and check out all the different sandwich recipes on their site.

Now, back to waiting. Only one more hour to go. Let's see what else I can find that won't cost me a lot of money.