Thursday, October 6, 2011

Being Buried Alive

Today I feel like I am being buried alive. I have sooooo many things on my plate at once and making the list and choosing what's most important is turning out to be the hardest thing to do today. So I sit to write this and dump it out to separate it and move it all around so that it fits.

I have got laundry in every corner of the upstairs. I am amazed that everyone still has underwear to wear. the rest of the clothes aren't a problem with having all girls they can just throw on a dress if they run out of pants and vice versa. We have an abundance of clothing here...underwear, not so much. Right now I'm thinking I need to stop writing this and empty the dryer so that I can transfer the bedsheets into it so that Emerson can be dry and ready to play with Violet again this afternoon. He got buried in the rocks at Bible Study today.

Then I think that I should clean the bathroom downstairs. With sickness abounding in the house, I should keep the bathrooms clean. Add to that, the floors need washing. Still trying to figure out the best time of day to wash the floors and not have someone's dirty little paws go traipsing over it.

This dishes are done though. But they do need to be put away. Lunch has been cleaned off the table, so that's another one up.

Got a sick girl home from school. I should go and snuggle with her and help her fall asleep. But then again, she is the one who always does better being by herself than being touched by someone...unless it's Grandma. Something I've come to accept. And then I am thrilled when she wants to spend time with just me.

I need to write a book review for a children's book that I got for the girls this week. I also want to tell you all about this cool pumpkin we picked up at the farmer's market yesterday and ate for dinner last night. Then there's Bible study today. Violet told me that she learned about her hands today and I learned that my #1 job is to love my husband. While listening to the video portion I was hit with a few ideas. I want to start playing our audio Bible in the mornings for the girls while we're doing breakfast. Having the word of God playing in the background might change some of our attitudes in the morning (mine included). I also thought about writing about my "former" life. You know, the one that you had between childhood and the life that you're living now.

I have also had pounded into my head this week (at the least) that I need to write out my schedule. I need to do it for myself and my mother-in-law. She's going to be taking over for me a couple days this month and it would probably be helpful for her to have an idea of how I run the day, not that I expect her to follow it. She will do it her way but I do know that the main points will still be kept as we do things.

Just peaked at the monkeys and they are all sleeping (yes all, even the dog). So I don't have to entertain them for awhile. Don't have to worry about picking up the ring master from school; Grandma has offered to go and get her.

I need to take pics and upload them of my latest creations. Need to list them on Etsy so people can buy them. Need to finish up the last two custom orders.

Need to update the checkbook and make sure it balances. I need to work on the hubby's birthday present which is coming up next week. Need to finish getting my nephew's birthday present together because his is next week as well. And we're invited to a birthday party this weekend, which will be a nice break from reality. Praying we are all healthy enough by then.

Going to look at a new vehicle this evening with the hubby. He thinks he found the right minivan. Don't have to worry about dinner though, Grandma (once again) is coming to the rescue. Maybe I should write something about how lucky I am to have such wonderful in-laws.

And as I pause to see if anything else fills the space I just created in my mind....all the rest of the upcoming things just pour in. Too many things to think about. I believe I will start with the laundry in the machines and the bathroom. Then go on to the pics and the shop (because I need to justify all the beads I just bought). And if I don't get lost on that travel, I should still be buried in laundry and girls that need me and a hubby that has lost the point of having date night (it has become the night to do obscure chores).

I'm off before I get distracted in my thoughts again. Praying that you all find a bit of sunshine to lay in today and soak it up. Oh...and pray for my sanity if you get a moment.