Monday, September 19, 2011

Meet Me Monday - Dog Owner

I am now a dog owner. I don't mind dogs. I just am not entirely thrilled about owning one. I just got done cleaning up poop and training 3 girls. I was kind of looking forward to a reprieve of a sort.
My hubby decided to make a pit stop at the Humane Society one night on the way home from work. I think that he is having baby-withdrawals. He met this wonderful pup at the visit. The only thing was that he had an owner and was waiting for the owner to come and claim him. (Found out threw the grapevine that the owner moved to another town and he's much better off living with us.) My hubby stopped back the day after the owner-hold was up to see if this pup was still there. He was and my hubby brought him home to meet us all (which turned out to be Violet and I at the time). The pup had two things going for him...his name is Scooby and he licked Violet and let her hang on him. Wish I had my camera in hand this weekend when she was trying to hold him back from going where he wasn't supposed to. They are pretty much the same height.

Long story short, he became ours on Friday night and we spent all weekend helping him get used to living in our house before we all got back into our routine. He's still getting used to the sounds of the house (he barked every time one of the girls climbed out of their bed). He's got a great bark which he uses only to protect us and to let us know that he is unhappy. Otherwise he is the most gentle and loving dog I have met.

This morning the girls were asking for a cat. I am not getting a cat....until they bring home a stray, right?