Friday, September 2, 2011

Can you sleep in if you're not sure that you've slept?

This was the question I posed to the hubby this morning. We had a long night of little sleep. So glad that it's the weekend and that we're going to be in the car for over three hours to celebrate a wedding this weekend (note the hint of sarcasm in there). We made the executive decision not to leave until early tomorrow morning. A good night of sleep is worth a long Saturday.

The hubby and I had our date night last night with a good dose of counseling. We discussed kids going back to school, how much time a computer can suck from your day, and what is our purpose in life. Then we went to the library and stocked up on some good books. (I will try to get the list of them on here sometime today I hope.) Then we hit the grocery store for the milk and bread necessities and came home to find everyone in bed reading stories. Looked to be a great night on the way in.

Until I put all the math together this morning, with a little help from the hubby. Grandma took all the girls to Dairy Queen for Blizzards last night. That would explain why Hazel was wide awake at midnight or was it earlier? And would explain why Violet was having monster nightmares. At about 2am, hubby and I decided that it wasn't worth the fight and we all climbed into Violet's king-size bed. Yes, the baby has the biggest bed in the house. It was the only place it would fit nicely and she needed a big girl bed.

This morning I half attempted to create some birthday invitations for Hazel to take to school with her today. I didn't have all the numbers for the girls she wanted to invite so I haven't had a party for her yet. So, we're going to have it on my birthday because we're not going to be in town this weekend. My cousin is getting married! And we're going to go and hang out with my mom. Praying for some more sleep because I'm about to nod off and looking at the's almost time to go and wake the circus. First full day of just Violet and I. We may just vegetate today. We can start our school next week.