Monday, September 12, 2011

Birthday Party Rewind

Ok, maybe I'll go forward through the day. It'll be easier for my tired brain to make sense of it all.

Celebrated my Hazel's 7th birthday on my 36th. Yes, and I am proud of all my years of education and learning. We held her party a few weeks later because she wanted to make sure that she was able to invite all of the girls that she would be able to. And I think that we even missed a few even  after all the work we did to try and make sure that we didn't miss anyone. There are 3 different classes in her grade. That makes it slightly difficult to make sure that we don't miss anyone. And I just realized that I didn't take a picture of the invitations that I made and they were so darn cute too. I drew a little fairy, just barely showing, on the top of the page with all of the details listed below. Simple.

Created Fairy Dust for all of the girls. 2 Tablespoons of salt and 3 drops of food coloring and then stir like crazy! Let it dry out overnight. You can repeat with the coloring the next day in order to get a darker color. It does make the salt a little thicker. We popped some plain popcorn and allowed the girls to sprinkle their fairy dust on it. Wasn't the best idea I had because some girls didn't understand what happened when you sprinkled salt on something. But it was fun all the same.

I cleaned the playroom ALL BY MYSELF. Then I forbade them to go in the toy box that now holds all the toys that I had to pick up off of the floor. still almost looks like this. The floor mats are now put together to make a fort.

No Cook Apple Pie Playdough! I love it! Made the whole house smell yummy. 
1 1/2 cup boiling water (heated mine in our Hot Shot)
2 cups flour
1 cup salt
2 Tablespoon oil
2 Tablespoon cream of tartar (this was just a giant scoop for me because I ran out the first night)
Stir it all together. Sprinkle heavily with apple pie seasoning (nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon) and mix it again. Add food coloring as you wish. We made many different colors the next day but started with green. It was a wonderful experience to mush the warm dough in your hands and the smell....

Finished of the playset for the year. Yes that swing is a little too high. It is going to be fixed sometime.

 Scooby came by to visit.

Our homemade cake decorated by the girls. Was very yummy.

The crew that came to celebrate.

And the final farewell from one of the friends.

Didn't catch all of the spectacular events that happened at the party. Like the coffee filter fairies. Food coloring in water dropped onto the filters and hung to dry. Then we decorated and glued leaves onto the clothespins and drew a face on it. Squished the filter to make wings and clipped it into the clothespin.

Also missed on getting pics of the hubby flying in an airplane over the house (twice) and all of the girls running around the house screaming and waving at him.

Didn't get pics of the cool gifts either. As she plays with them, I am sure you will be seeing some of the awesome crafting and game sets that she got. She even got a box of fruit snacks.

It was an awesome day with no major issues to speak of. Will definitely do it year.