Friday, August 12, 2011

Website -

6 Wines for $49.99 delivered from!  Shop Now.

How cool is this? With the recent explosion of FPTs going on around me, this is an awesome deal for our (or your) next outing.

I also noticed that they have a grab bag deal going on.

Now to the Scratch & Dent Sale. Here is the deal...
1.You save up to 30%
2.Choose between red, white or mixed
3.Labels may be torn, scratched, stained, etc, - but all legible.
4.No further discounts apply
5.We can’t tell you what you will get, because each is unique. The wine is perfectly good.
Grab Bag Scratch & Dent Wine Kits (6 Bottles)

I also noticed this little package while I was checking out their page.

Wine Tasting Program