Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Trying to get the brain reengaged still. Had a bad time last night at dinner. My equilibrium was off and I felt like I was going to pass out and hit the floor or puke. Since 7th grade, I have been passing out when my blood pressure gets out of wack. It would happen every time I was at church during the Our Father during the Catholic service. Took me until this past year to find out that I inherited low blood pressure.Yeah me. Constantly amazed at all the things I have inherited.

My Violet has been begging to learn the past two days. The hubby and I stopped down at our St Vincent de Paul and I found Brain Quest Kindergartenfor 40 cents. She keeps pulling them out and asking me to read them to her and she's getting most of them right. Of course, Emerson has to help us
he's the Saint Bernard that goes everywhere with her.

She has just put Barbie shoes on each finger and sang me Twinkle Twinkle and in now making a hop off song.

My Amber suggested that we watch Sesame Street today to determine what letter of the day we should study and I agreed that was a good idea, we could do the number as well.

Today's letter is G and the number is 20. Wish me luck today. If you have Great G ideas, feel free to leave a link below.