Thursday, August 25, 2011

Birthday Bash

Finally feeling better. This is day four in my jammies. Yesterday was a day for a post of it's own. But, I finally got the pics from the party on the computer. It was tons of fun.

Here is the birthday girl with MaKayla, her baby that has the same date thanks to Great Aunt Mary.

These are some art work that I was inspired to create after wandering through some fabulous homeschooling blogs. I've been searching for ideas to keep Tiny busy while her sisters are at school all day.


This in my introvert taking a time out for herself after asking me 3 times how many people were going to be coming to her party. I made sure to tell her how proud of her I was that she knew enough to get away and recharge before everyone got here.

 These are her pretending to be a pumpkin.
Then her fabulous orange painting shirt attracted a Monarch butterfly. It kept trying to get to her in the center of all of the people. Caused me to wonder who was coming to let Hazel know that they were watching over her. This girl loves butterflies and she misses her great grandmas that have gone "home".

The presents on the almost finished playhouse.

 Time for cake! OzCake! Yum!

Sister eating Cinderellas face first.

Birthday girl trying carrot cake first.

 Time for the presents. Only 3 toys and tons of clothes for the new school year. Oh and a new backpack and journal for my girl.

So darn cute in her new clothes the next morning.

Eating Sebastian.

 Some fantastically random cake eating pics for my sister to post on her website if she likes. She has decided to take the cake making full force and is learning as she goes. Everyone thought the cakes were delicious! My Hazel ordered a blueberry cake and wanted to try a carrot cake. She also wanted Cinderella and loves The Little Mermaid. And with just that little bit of information, my wonderful sister created this fantastic cake that everyone really enjoyed. Amber has already started her cake order and her birthday isn't until April. A good friend of ours has put in an order for a girl jumping out of a cake for his birthday next week. Can't wait to see how that one is going to turn out. Hope she posts pics on her site.

And this was the end of Sebastian and the cake. Hubby got to take the last two pieces to work yesterday (birthday girl's wishes).

And now back to my birthday girl.