Thursday, July 21, 2011

Random thoughts

Here's what's on my mind this morning.

My anniversary is on Monday. 8 fantastic years. Ok, they weren't all fantastic. What to get my hubby that he will enjoy and won't just become another thing in the house? It's bronze and pottery or linen and lace. Completely stumped by that one. I may just use my craftiness and make him something small and write him something beautiful that he can keep forever and our grandkids will be touched by how skilled a writer their grandma was and how loving and thoughtful she was and how much they wish they could be more like me.
Ok...enough of the ego boosting. I did start writing something. And if I feel brave enough, I may just share it. All I really want is to spend some time with him without the kids. Even if it's just going to get some ice cream together or going for a walk. Just do something simple. Because that is me.

The other thing on my mind is my cousin's wedding. My girls absolutely adore this lady. When we were kids we would spend a weekend together every summer at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Just the two of us (I have a sister and she has 2). She is getting married in September and I am wracking my brain trying to decide what to get her. They just bought a house this summer, so the ideal gift would be a gift card to help her finish the remodel. But I want to do something special for her.
Here's what I've been pondering....and how the two topics connect.

I have come to realize these past couple of years that marriage isn't just a thing. It's not like your name or your clothes. It is truly more like a job than anything else in this world. It takes effort on both parts to make it work. It takes hard work and understanding (I know I've heard that somewhere before).

The thought really hit me about a month ago. What I really need to do with this realization is write down these "ah-ha" thoughts about marriage so that my girls will know what I've learned and then maybe it'll help them with their marriages and relationships. Maybe I can give them a little something that I never got (sorry mom, I still love you). I found a journal at the local thrift shop...a journal that goes with The Power of a Praying Wife. In this book, I started writing down those "ah-ha" moments as they occur to me.

To connect it all together...
I was was thinking about creating a little book for my cousin on the thoughts I have collected. And I was thinking about sharing some of those same insights with my hubby in the anniversary letter. Good stuff?

Here's why a took a moment to write all of this....I would like your help. What have you found to be the "ah-ha" moment in your marriage. Something simple. Like..."it helps to have the counters clean, it makes everyone feel better and it's easier to get stuff done"...ok, with that my mind took it to the newlywed aspect and the long married those kind of thoughts.

Ok, back from being distracted. Please feel free to add your bit of wisdom, you never know who you're going to help. Thanks for listening and now back to my sick little monkey (tummy ache and a fever).

PS...This is what inspired some of these thoughts today...