Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Anniversary Present

The hubby was a little upset that he paid for extra shipping and that it didn't get here in time for our anniversary. It arrived on my doorstep yesterday and I waited until my hubby got home from work yesterday. He handed it to me with a smile and said, "Happy Anniversary honey."

I read the return address label...I guess that ruined the surprise...but I was so excited I could barely get the box open then. He really does listen when I tell him about the cool things that I find.

I've kept you in suspense long enough.

The package was from Diamond Candles.
Soy candles with a ring inside. He got me the Apple Slice. A beautiful green and the most delicious smell ever. I'm drooling just thinking about how it smelled.

The hubby let me light it right away last night too. He's not all that excited about candles. He feels that they remove the oxygen from the air and some of the smells are too overwhelming for him. These facts make it even more exciting that he got me this candle for our anniversary.

I burned it last night for a few hours and again this morning. It was during this morning's burn that I saw a piece of foil in the melted wax. My ring!! I pulled it out with a fork and let it cool.

Pulled the foil off and removed it from it's plastic bag. Beautiful. It's my sister's birthstone. Hmmm...pondering if I should keep it (since it was my present) or give it to her because she's been looking for a stone like this.

Either's the pic...wish you could smell it.
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And for fun we made color changing pudding pops last night so we could eat them this morning. Tiniest had to  eat hers sitting on the counter top.