Monday, June 13, 2011

What I found in my mailbox.

Upon returning from an impromptu vacation...which I should share about because it was tons of fun...I found some great surprises in my mailbox. Yes, still in my mailbox because for some reason, the hubby forgot to check the mail for 4 days. May need to apologize to my mail lady tomorrow for this.

There were 3 magazines and two sample packs and two packages.

Package one was...
A Company Kids Zoo Pals Explorer Lunch Bag. And now I need to buy 2 more (at least) because the girls all want this one. Good thing that they are on clearance right now.

And then I caught the FedEx man dropping off...

Two tickets to see Natasha Bedingfield live in Milwaukee next month. Just in time for my hubby and my anniversary. It will be a super busy weekend. Family reunion, Fish Day, and the concert.

Very exciting going to the mailbox lately. Wonder what else will show up.